Describe the type of student who should not attend Roosevelt University and explain why.



A student who enjoys quiet, small town life will not enjoy attending Roosevelt University because it is in the heart of downtown Chicago. No aspect of the university has a small town appeal, the building styles are ultramodern and historical landmark. The constant buzz of traffic, sirens, and trains can be heard, and the area is filled to the brim with a diverse selection of people.

Anonymous, Student, Roosevelt University, Class of 2017

A student who has no regard for human service and social justice should not attend Roosevelt University. Roosevelt's reputation is built on providing opportunities to marginalized groups and maintains this as their mission in every aspect of a student's post-secondary educational and social experience. In addition, a student who is easily distracted and unable to manage their time well by maintaining a personal/social and academic balance should not attend Roosevelt. Because Roosevelt sits in the heart of the city of Chicago, a student can be easily distracted in a place where ther is always something to do.....besides study.

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