Would you recommend attending Pulaski County High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Pulaski County High School, Class of 2016

I as a high school student would join Pulaski County High School. First reason, our faculty are set out to have us meet benchmark. Whether it is taking the On Deman, MAP ACT, Kyote, Compass, or KOSSA. These are all very difficult tests but with the strategist the teachers give, make the tests a breeze. Just like, preparing for the Compass, my college readiness reading class has given me many test strategist such as: before reading the prompt; re-write the test questions without looking at the answers, actively read the passage; underlining, writing down what you think the answers are as you go; cover up the answers; think about what the answer is, then eliminate the answers you know are wrong; then you're down to a 50/50 shot. In other cases, I would come to Pulaski because the teachers here are like your parents. They care for you, watch you grow, teach you not only about school but about life. Many teachers have taken me under their wings and help me grow as a person throughout the years. If I heard that about a school, I would differently join that school. Also, the clubs here are amazing. I am in two clubs, FCCLA and FCA. Social services is something I would love to major in, there I have child classes which is where FCCLA comes into play. Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America has always striked my interest. Mr. Collins the teacher over it has truly opened my eyes to when it comes to kids and she really runs an amazing club. I would not just attend Pulaski because you want to join FCCLA, being that I am the president over it. Yes, I am the president. It gets difficult running FCCLA and have to do be part of a youth group at my church, researching devotions to speak out loud every Wednesday. Not to mention, there is a club just for christian called Fellow Christian Athletes. Many who join are not athletes but they love to hear the gospel. I use to play for Pulaski as a varsity left fielder but I decided to leave the team my Sophomore year for personal reasons. At FCA you also feel at home, being around many classmates sharing the word of Christ. With all this being said, if I was not already attending Pulaski, I surely would join because of all the wonderful opportunities there are with making excellent test scores or working to better your test scores, wonderful role models as teachers, and making life time friends in all the many clubs that Pulaski has to offer.

Anonymous, Student, Pulaski County High School, Class of 2016

I would recommend PC because our school is ranked seventh in the state; the staff and students do whatever it takes to help everyone succeed. They push to be college and career ready, so you leave high school not only educated, but prepared to take on a career of your choice. Pulaski County has a club or sport for everyone, so it is possible to be as involved as possible. I moved around quite a bit, but when we ended up at Pulaski County I realized it is one of the best schools I have attended.

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