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Describe the type of student who should attend St. Agnes Academy. Why?


Anonymous, Student, St. Agnes Academy, Class of 2017

The type of student who should attend St. Agnes Academy spans more descriptions than I could possibly fit in a paragraph, but she always possesses one core quality: dedication. The St. Agnes student body features a diverse population, and offers a niche for students of every personality type and interests, making it nearly impossible to singularly describe an "Academy woman," as our students are often called. Therefore, I chose to describe the Academy woman with the exceptionally broad term “dedication” very purposefully. Her dedication can apply to any interest: the arts, athletics, politics and government, and so many more. No matter her interest, the Academy encourages her and provides her with the opportunities she needs to delve into it by offering her a stellar arts program, various successful sports teams, competitive speaking teams, and even the ability to create any club she desires. St. Agnes Academy allows and pushes each student not only to pursue academic excellence but to develop and cultivate her passions, whatever they may be. This type of environment requires utmost dedication. To excel in academics while pursuing your interests demands unparalleled perseverance and dedication to your future and your passions. Thus, I believe outstanding dedication is the only prerequisite for a student to attend St. Agnes. So long as a student holds a strong dedication to passionately pursuing the best version of herself, the Academy provides her an environment where she will certainly thrive.

Anonymous, Student, St. Agnes Academy, Class of 2016

A St. Agnes Academy student should be hard-working, determined, and open-minded. St. Agnes Academy is a place in which students are encouraged to be true to themselves and to work towards achieving their full potential through academic excellence and community service.

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