How does TEP measure student growth and progress?


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Hello there! The TEP Program measures student growth and progress through their Core Goals :

Core Goals

Broadly speaking, TEP is committed to helping our students grow in two primary ways:

(1) We aim to help our students develop strong character and work ethic. This is primarily developed through practice and reinforcement of TEP’s TIGER Values: Tempero (self control), Industria (hard work), Gaudium (joy in learning), Ex veritate (honesty), and Respicio (respect).

(2) We aim to develop our students’ academic skills and knowledge through a rich, deep, and rigorous curriculum. This includes development in the following three areas:

► Core literacy, language, and math skills and knowledge across all subjects. Students take daily classes in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

► Artistic competency, through reading music and performing music in a variety of ensembles. Students take daily music classes, which vary by grade (including singing, percussion, piano, etc.)

► Physical movement and athletic skills designed to promote lifelong enjoyment of physical activity. Students take PE classes 5 days per week.

You can be contact the school at or at 646-254-6451 for any further questions on how they evaluate students.

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