Does going to a summer program by a specific college increase your chances of getting into that college later on?


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The short answer is "no." If the reason for registering your child for [email protected] (or Harvard, Stanford, etc) is to increase your child's chances for admittance to that university, you should reconsider. At the most competitive colleges, quite frankly, your child would be expected to be doing something more original or self-guided during the summers. Taking that college's summer program almost looks like an attempt to curry favor with admissions. Certainly, college summer programs can be awesome and kids learn a lot while enjoying a collegiate experience and making international friendships. But unless the student is specifically studying something at a high level that s/he is already showing particular interest and achievement in, there is no college application benefit.

Jennifer Oleniczak, Founder and Artistic Director of The Engaging Educator

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I think any summer experience helps with college. Schools are often looking for well-rounded students, so it depends on the summer program as well as what your student is looking to go to school for. Activities in the summer show a dedication to that well-rounded student option.

I really feel it depends on the program, as well as the student. Some college offer summer prep programs that can connect the student with people they may potentially be working with or learning from. In this case, a student can have a definitive advantage over other students, and can show themselves over a longer period of time rather than on an application and in an interview.

On the flip side of things, the people running the college program might not be the same people making the decisions regarding admission - often times those two people never cross paths! In the end, the idea of a summer program, if it helps the student and lets them get to know the school they are applying to, is a good one.

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