Hi my name is Alex, my future wife is moving here with me in July and she has an 8yr old daughter who is going into 3rd grade from Norway. She speaks a little bit of English but needs more practice and tutoring to be comfortable would you guys be able to help in some sort of way?


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As far as I am aware there are Supplemental Educational Services available at Ralph Bunche. These are are tutoring programs provided free-of-charge to eligible students that offer extra after-school help in reading, English language arts and mathematics. They are provided outside of the regular school day - before or after school, on weekends - in schools, in program provider centers, online or at a student’s home. It might be worth contacting the school to confirm (and maybe you could let us know on this page afterwards). Their number is 212-666-6400 or Ms. Luna is one of the 3rd Grade teachers there and her email address is pluna@ralphbuncheschool.org.

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