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About five years ago, Sony suddenly closed one of its oldest studios, Psygnosis Limited , also known as Studio Liverpool . Since 1995, several games of the WipEout series have been released from her pen , but the future of these futuristic races is now a big question. According to rumors, the company was going to release some new part of WipEout on the PS4 , but plans are not to be realized. Fortunately, to put a cross on the Sony series did not, and we received a collection of WipEout Omega Collection .

It can be argued that the set did not include the best parts of WipEout , - old fans probably would like to see WipEout 3 or WipEout 2097 again , but transfer them to the PS4 and make it more or less modern looking too expensive. The collection includes some of the latest projects of the series, which at one time were played and looked no worse than their predecessors, and in the remaster do not seem to be obsolete at all. In the main menu, the player can choose among the championships WipEout HD , Fury and 2048 , for a few seconds switching between them and almost instantly launching any one you like.

If you have already played all three of the listed parts, it makes no sense to read this text and buy the collection practically. New content here is almost absent: neither additional vehicles nor bonus routes have been added. WipEout HD and WipEout Fury are "reprints of reissues", since the originals that were released many years ago on the PS3 were a collection of solo from WipEout Pure and WipEout Pulse - both games were once PSP exclusive. And 2048 is a "remaster" of the project, which was part of the PlayStation Vita launch line.

On the other hand, since the analog series on the modern Sony consolealmost no, pay attention to the collection is still possible - at least for the sake of improved appearance. Looks Omega Collection really cool, and it remains only to envy those who have the opportunity to try out the collection in 4K resolution. If you compare them from memory, the difference between the originals and the novelty may seem insignificant, but in fact, the upgraded versions look much more impressive even on the regular PS4. Colorful effects, clear textures, detailed fireballs, an excellent lighting model - and all this works stably at 60 frames per second, even when racing at great speed and around flying rockets.

Gameplay the same games were completely the same: it's fast and sometimes chaotic race, where accelerators are placed on each track with the mind, and in some modes one can select one-time weapons and spoil the life of opponents. The control is as simple as possible: on X the car is accelerated, with the help of the stick it turns, and it is possible to enter the turns using L2 and R2. This is enough to complete most of the races and get regular medals, which sometimes appear for quite ridiculous merits like a place in the top five. When there are only eight participants in the race, this becomes too simple a task, especially at low levels of difficulty.

But if you set a goal to win all the gold medals, and even at the level of "Elite", you will have to devote a lot of time to WipEout . To learn the tracks, remember where the accelerators are placed, and understand how they are best used, without bumping into the wall - most often after such an error you move from the leading places to the last. It is also useful not to forget to perform barrels when you are in the air - the movement of the stick in different directions and a successful landing gives a noticeable increase in speed, but takes away the "life" of the car. And this resource is very valuable, especially in races, where weapons are scattered everywhere. You can restore the "health" by pressing О - in this case any missile will immediately turn into energy and repair the transport.

Passing WipEout before will feel here as at home. Although the platinum trophy in WipEout 2048 I knocked out for a long time, trails, turns and most opportunities to cut corners, I remember, and therefore to win gold medals was not very difficult. But sometimes the difficulties still arise, as the conditions for obtaining a higher score in some races have changed. Anyway, it's much easier to play in 2048 on the big screen than on PS Vita, so the requirements in the re-release are appropriate: somewhere you need to spend a second less, somewhere - drive the circle faster. The championship in 2048 is slightly different from the others, as it does not exhibit the complexity of the race (as it happens in HD and Fury) - it is always the same, you just need to ideally fulfill all the tasks.

And the main charm of WipEoutis that it is simply impossible to break away from it until you see the scheme of each championship covered with gold medals. There is something terribly attractive in these projects, because of what they really want to learn how to play. Do not mindlessly ride, completing one after another race, and independently understand some subtleties and hone skills for the best result. Perhaps the fact is that a failure in 99% of the cases is due to mistakes of the player himself - he was greedy and did not fire at the right moment with a missile or he used a chosen acceleration instead of turning it into energy. At times there are completely hopeless situations, when opponents throw bombs one by one and drop mines at the wrong time, but such races are very, very rare.

Variety of conditions also affects emotions. That player is asked to take regular races, where no one shoots anyone and everyone is on equal terms. That there is a race with a mass of unique weapons, where for every hit at the enemy give points. Then again begins the race, but this time to complete a couple of laps ask for a certain time. And sometimes there is an endless "Site" mode, in which the speed of the car constantly increases, and the player needs to last as long as possible. In it, you can demonstrate to yourself all the skill - remember all the complex twists, while you are going slowly, and then filigree all the obstacles, being one step away from the gold medal.

As for the multiplayer modes, they did not completely transfer online games http://francescodimitri.co.uk/, so that the online campaign consisting of two hundred stagesWipEout 2048 remained the exclusive PS Vita. In Omega Collection, everything is arranged much simpler: when creating a multiplayer session, one of three games is selected, settings (mode, number of circles, availability of weapons, etc.) are selected and a lobby is opened. Conveniently, when visiting the list of servers, you can immediately see where the race is already in full swing, where it ends and where the creator is still waiting for additional players. So there is no need to press at random - if there is a desire to fight with live rivals, it will be possible to do this without any problems.

One of the main elements of the series was always the soundtrack, which consisted of a variety of electronic tracks, and in the re-release not all the tracks of the original games were preserved. Fans can argue indefinitely and argue that it was better before, but the playlist offered in "remasters" sounds great. There was a place for compositions by Swanky Tunes and The Prodigy, and several remixes from Deadmau5 and The Chemical Brothers. A couple of songs do not like it as much as everyone else, but if you want, you can switch the tracks (although it is not always convenient to press the touchpad for this - it would be better to do this by pressing the left stick).

But this is a minor flaw, which hardly spoils the impression of the collection. Yes, there is not much new here, but the price tag is also half the standard price of a major novelty. Unfamiliar with WipEout players will be able to disappear in the collection for a couple of weeks, and long-time fans will see their favorite games with beautiful graphics and impressive performance. It's a pity that we are unlikely to wait for the new part of the series, but at least it's not a shame for the Omega Collection. It 's a very high-quality re-release with 26 tracks, fifty cars, simple controls and at the same time quite high complexity, in order not to cause irritation, to learn from your mistakes.

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The Florida Southern College school colors are scarlet and white.

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