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What was your experience at Lehigh University?


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There are several review sites that provide student feedback and personal opinions and experiences for Lehigh University. Many break down the reviews in to specific categories of interest, for example athletics, social life or academics. Some excerpts from the most helpful reviews are listed here with links to where you can read further and find more information.

"There’s nothing quite like being an undergraduate at Lehigh University. There’s a reason why many people call college “the best four years of your life,” and that statement applies to Lehigh perfectly. It may not be in the greatest town in the world—the winters can be harsh, and the student body is incredibly homogenous, but Lehigh students love their school. The professors are mostly knowledgeable and friendly, and academics play a huge role in any college student’s experience, but the friendships forged and the outstanding social life are what make Lehigh students fall head over heels for their school." Read more here

"I love the academics at Lehigh and the reputation the school carries with it. I'm from a very small rural town, and people are extremely impressed when I tell them that I am going to Lehigh. The professors are great for the most part, and there are great research facilities here. In my opinion, the campus is the perfect size; not too small that you know everyone, yet not so big that you get lost in the crowd." Read more here .

"After speaking with a professor I was glad to learn this school was on par with the engineering schools. It is very respectable and holds the respect of a lot of engineering firms. That being said I'm not sure if its the best fit for a social science or liberal arts major given the price." Read more here.

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