Would it be helpful if educators taught time management and study skills in the primary grades?


Jules Csillag, learning specialist & speech-language pathologist

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Absolutely! Even in the primary grades, students who struggle with executive functions will have trouble with prioritizing, shifting, using working memory, and self-monitoring/self-checking. Primary teachers can help by:

  • posting and discussing daily schedules, (to help with shifting/transitioning & provide a sense of how long things take)
  • providing visual representations of time (e.g. a Time Timer or color coded sections on clocks) to provide a sense of how long tasks take
  • breaking down more complex activities into parts (often a weekly packet will be labeled Monday, Tuesday, etc. to help with time management)
  • goal setting (to help with prioritizing (start with modeling and have discussions around what to prioritize and why)
  • organization of materials to help with management of materials (check out my tips for Organization in Elementary School here)
  • study skills to help with self-regulation and self-monitoring

(Source: Lynn Meltzer's Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom)

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