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I found this section in the school's FAQ page - it may be able to help you:


As a parent, what can I do if my child is not doing well?

Check to see if your student is keeping a monthly calendar of homework and class assignments (forms are available from any teacher at WRHS). The class assignment sheet should be in your student’s 3 ring binder.

Make sure your student is keeping their backpack organized. There should be pen/pencil(s), an eraser, binder paper, homework assignments and class work neatly placed in their backpack, along with their school books.

Attendance and work not completed are the usual reasons for poor grades. In high school, extra credit is usually not an option to make up for assignments not completed or not turned in on time.

Make sure your student is reading at least 30 minutes on a daily basis at home.

Have your student take a WEEKLY GRADE CHECK FORM to each teacher--hand it to the teacher before the class begins and remember to pick it up at the end of the class period. You can download the form and make as many copies as needed or have your student pick one up in the Counseling Department.

Call Weston Ranch High School at (209) 938-6245 and ask to speak with someone in the Counseling Department. The Counseling secretary can arrange contact between your student’s counselor and you in order to notify each teacher(s) to call you or you can contact each teacher directly. Please be sure to give your name, your phone number(s), times you are available, what your student's name is, and your concerns. Ask specific information on how to proceed or get other questions answered.

If you need assistance finding a tutor in your area, please visit our tutor search page!

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