I don't have a business background. Do you have any specific prerequisites?


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Students who majored in something other than business at the undergraduate level sometimes have difficulty entering MBA programs. Most programs are happy to accept students who don’t have that business background, but the load of required courses can make the program quite difficult to endure. In contrast, the Bunting College of Business has designed a full-time MBA program specifically for non-business majors.

Requiring a total of 15 months of study, the MBA program gives students a full kit of analytic tools featuring principles and core concepts from the fundamental business disciplines. Coursework builds on students’ diverse previous experience to hone problem-solving skills in an immersive entrepreneurial environment.

The full-time program is designed to be completed in lockstep, with all students in a given cohort taking the same classes at the same time. While this model does give up some of the flexibility of other MBA programs, it also helps to build lasting relationships between students and hone team-building skills. Other program features include co-curricular workshops and an international study tour.

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