What was your experience at Framingham State University?


Ralph Lepore, Framingham State Alum '01

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I had a positive experience at Framingham State University. The campus and environment is very laid back and easy going. The course load when I was there was average but not overwhelming until my senior year. I was a computer science student and my final year was extremely intense and I felt the program as a whole gave me a very good foundation. The professors were approachable and always willing to help, since the class room size is small the teacher/student interaction can be very intimate which means that most professors are very accessible, even off hours. Although the school is not highly selective, I felt I got a very good education.

The social life was a little lacking at the University. It is a typical "commuter" school, meaning that the majority of students do not live on campus and the majority of students who do live on campus leave on the weekends. The campus is very "empty" on weekends and there is usually not a lot going on (although if you look in the right places, there is plenty to do). I was also one of the few students from out of state. That being said, it is in a very good location and there is a lot to do off campus. If you have a car Boston is extremely accessible and it is also very easy to commute into Boston using public transportation.

Overall the experience was very positive, I felt the University provides a solid education and can give you a great social experience as long as your willing to try a little harder given the "commuter" life style of most students.

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