What is Gallatin like? Do you get enough direction in your individualized study?


Jillian Youngblood, Director of Communications at Noodle, Gallatin '05

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I think of Gallatin is NYU squared. There is a lot of guidance available and tons of resources; you just need to be really assertive in finding them and taking advantage of them. I found my Gallatin professors to be the ones who were most engaged in me as a student and as a person. They, especially my advisor and the professors on my colloquium panel, were incredibly supportive of my course of study, but also challenged me on my decisions in a way that was crucial. I knew a few people who engaged less actively with the Gallatin faculty and did just fine, but my advice to a Gallatin student would be: seek out guidance and you'll find it in abundance.

Anonymous, Director of Communications at Noodle, Gallatin '05

Gallatin is the smallest school at NYU, so you get a lot more personalized attention than in the bigger programs.

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