Is there a school in Tex for a cerebral palsy 8 year old?


Anonymous, Parent and education researcher

The short answer is yes. Children with disabilities are legally entitled to a "free and appropriate public education" (FAPE) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Essentially, this means that disabled kids can attend their local public schools and receive services that enable them to get an education in the "least restrictive environment" (LRE). School districts will provide a special education evaluation to determine the support services that a student needs. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may also apply if there are access issues involved. These evaluations, services, and accommodations are supposed to be provided by the district at no cost to the family. If you disagree with the outcome of the evaluation or are not being provided with the proper services, there are appeals processes you can pursue.

In addition to public schools, there may be appropriate private schools in your area that can accommodate children with cerebral palsy. Ordinarily, families have to pay to attend these, though there are instances when the district can be forced to pay for them if a judgment determines that it is not providing an adequate education to the child. That being said, the success of these appeals varies widely and they are expensive and time-consuming to pursue.

To learn about specific schools in your area, use this link to contact the local Texas Parent Training and Information Center near you:

This link gives you information about special education services in Texas:

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