Why should I go to Harvard University? What were your top five reasons for going there?


Steve Maloy, Best education

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Are you kidding? Harvard is one of the best universities in the world. It is not enough for you? Okay, it`s easy to find only 5 reasons.

  1. The best education you can find.

  2. You will have more opportunities with Harvard diploma in future.

  3. You can make good connections there.

  4. Broaden your horizons.

  5. You will be an inspiration to your family and friends.

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Amy McElroy, B.A., Hollins University. J.D., SMU Law School.

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This answer holds true for any college you are considering: (1) You should feel like the people and the environment "fit" you, and you feel comfortable there. This is a place you will be living under pressure for four years. Make sure you can see it as your home. (2) Are you happy with the curriculum and extra curricular activities offered at the school, and does it mesh with your current college study plan? (3) What would your actual living situation be all for years—on and/or off campus? Are you prepared for those options, emotionally and financially? (4) Can you (and your family) handle the distance and necessary travel arrangements to and from home during holidays, etc.? (5) Is the final cost of attendance—including financial aid, scholarships, etc.—workable for you and your family? Have you considered how much debt you will have after college with respect to the field you may want to pursue and its starting salary?

Anonymous, super great collage

U get a awesome education

Its a great collage and they have awesome teachers and you'll learn and grow older and be somebody

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