What was your experience at Wethersfield High School?


Ralph Lepore, Wethersfield High School Alum '96

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My experience at WHS was very typical of most high school students. When I attended the school they won the National Blue Ribbon School award (http://www2.ed.gov/programs/nclbbrs/index.html) in 1996. The school has a strong curriculum and it does a good job preparing you for college. They offer a solid set of AP classes that can really prepare you for college. The teachers at WHS are very strong and the class size is small which allows easy accessiblity to teachers. The majority of teachers that I had were very passionate and knowledgable about the subjects they taught. This gives students the opportunity to get help when they struggle and dig in when they want to. I was more of an average student and still felt I had a solid foundation when leaving the school. The school has a pretty competitive athletic program, while I was there we played in one of the stronger conferences in Connecticut, CCC West. The competition was intense and gave me the opportunity to play against a lot of solid division 1 athletes. I had an overall good experience playing and competing in athletics at WHS.

Joe Palowski, positive, typical of your average teenager

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My experience was the same as Mr. Ralph Lepore's. I graduated 2 years after he did and was on the basketball team with him. We played against some of the best competition the state had to offer. By the time I was a Senior, we added two different schools on our playing schedules that also had future Division 1 NCAA players on them. Teachers were there to give extra lessons or to help a student understand the course material. I made many friends, to some, I still talk to and hang out with to this day. Go Eagles!

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