What can I do with a liberal arts degree?


Anonymous, liberal arts major

The issue with the takeaway from a liberal arts degree is that it doesn't give necessarily you direct job skills. Unlike engineering, architecture, or social science students, you don't spend your time learning programs/hard skills that later on employers might call on you to use (eg. SPSS or HTML coding).

What you do receive is the mindset to analyze any issue, identify problems, and brainstorm creative solutions. You need those skills for whatever you do in life, both in your career and more generally. Liberal arts degrees hone this ability while in college, and other students might have to learn the hard way, while on the job. It will give you the flexibility to switch careers and/or advance faster than peers who can't adapt as easily.

But perhaps what you're really asking is: what can I do right after I graduate with a liberal arts degree? That has a different answer, depending on how well-thought out your goals are. You can prepare for most anything (with sufficient advance planning and preparation), but you first you must identify the tangible skills and experience that are on the job description of your dream career.

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