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What was your experience at Emory University?


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Overall, I had a very positive experience at Emory. I was attracted to the school for its size (not too big, not too small), it's location (near a big city but still has a "campus feel") and for its well-respected academics. (Not to mention the warm Atlanta weather was very appealing to me as well!) And having grown up in the mid-atlantic region, it was also a nice change to live in the south for four years. Granted, I would NOT call Emory a "Southern" school. But you do get to experience Atlanta, and, if you make a small effort, you can experience some Southern culture and hospitality too!

I think I had great professors at Emory, and made amazing, life-long friends. My only criticisms of the school are that a) it's VERY expensive b) there's a general political apathy and lack of school spirit - which might not bother you, but I think sometimes it can be frustrating to have such a complacent campus c) Greek life is fairly dominant - I was able to avoid directly participating and still had a great time, but I could see some students struggling with that if Greek Life isn't really your thing.

Overall though, I had an amazing four years at Emory and would certainly recommend it to students interested in a mid/small sized, competitive private university.

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