I need to improve my OChem grade to be competitive in the application to a post- grad program . The require better grades than a "c'. I am looking for a course in organic chemistry that is acceptable to universities. Does this course fill the aforementioned requirements? I was young and nervous when I took my first organic chemistry course.


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You would have to contact the specific universities to find out if they accept online courses, and if so which ones. It will most likely vary from school to school. If you want to learn more about this particular class, you can learn more from the noodle profile of the class: https://www.noodle.com/online-courses/ocAh4/organic-chemistry You can also check out the site directly, where it breaks down the full lesson: http://www.educator.com/chemistry/organic-chemistry/starkey/ This course appears to be helpful for " students who wish to excel in Organic Chemistry in order to satisfy their degree or pre-medical requirements" but I do not think the courses is avaialble for full credit or for grades. So it is unlikely a university would accept the credits.

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