What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Norwich University?


Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2019

At Norwich free time is hard to find with the tight schedules but for fun the guys like to hang out in the pool room and talk. Another is going to the gym and trying to show each other up, or we all just hang out in each others dorms.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2018

Since campus is very secluded and not near any major cities or towns students at Norwich University rely on many of the clubs and sports for fun. Norwich offers many clubs such as the Drill Team also known as Shock Platoon for students like me who are part of the Corps of Cadets. They also have a club called Model United Nations where students participate in simulations of conferences of the European Union across the country and internationally as well. I think something we all participate in at some point in our Norwich career is the Norwich University Tactical Society. Many of us, both civilians and cadets, get together and basically test each other in games of tactics and skill. We play many games both physical and digital. We have board games such as Axis and Allies and Frag as well as non-war based titles such as Settlers of Catan. Taking walk around campus as well as frequenting the gym and helping each other prepare for our physical fitness tests is also something we do for fun here on campus. To the average person that may not sound like the most amazing thing, but at a private military college, having fitness competitions is one of our pastimes.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2018

Students will either join a sport, a specialty unit, or hang out with their friends in The Mill, a hangout area.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2017

The top three things we do for fun are Ballroom dancing, joining the Corps of Cadets and joining programs like Cold Mountain Weather Company or Drill Company, and Choir or Band.

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