Am I still able to earn an MBA from the University of St. Thomas’s Opus College of Business if my schedule precludes me from attending daytime classes?


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The University of St. Thomas understands that many students have existing commitments as spouses, parents and working professionals, and the Evening MBA program is designed to accommodate their busy schedules. Courses are available in a range of schedules and formats to serve students’ individual learning needs and build on their previous work experience.

Traditional evening classes meet once a week in the evening. During the spring and fall semesters, each class meets 14 times, three hours at a time. Summer classes have only 10 sessions, but each session is somewhat longer, running from 5:30-9:45. Accelerated January classes are also available, meeting one weeknight evening and all day Saturday throughout the month.

For students with even more restrictive schedules, the Opus College of Business offers classes in a blended learning format. Each term includes five four-hour on-campus class meetings, totaling about half the hours of a traditional evening class. The remainder of the course uses online learning tools to help students interact with faculty, complete required coursework and otherwise stay engaged.

In either format, the Evening MBA program encourages interaction, collaboration and extensive leveraging of students’ backgrounds.

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