What was your experience at SIlas Deane Middle School?


Joe Palowski, positive, typical of your average teenager

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At the time I attended SDMS, it was one school for 7th & 8th graders that housed kids from 4 neighboring elementary schools. Other than your typical curriculum, it taught kids how to adapt to a schedule where the courses were in different rooms rather than 1 teacher, 1 room. New friendships are made. The downfall during my years was that the school was heavily outdated and no school sports like other towns would have. there would be a town league, but not a league where neighboring middle/junior highs would compete like their senior counterparts. Many years ago it use to be a Junior High school where 7, 8, & 9th graders went. as timewent on it went to just 7th & 8th grade. many years later the school has been updated. i had a very positive experience as it prepared me for high school.

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