How easy is it to move around the Brandeis campus? Is there a transportation system I can use to move around the city/town?


Jack William, Move

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It is not as easy as you think because it needs a lot of paperwork and you need to take the permission as well. They help me write an essay just because I also want to move towards the next campus.

Selena Livas, Brandeis Noodle Brand Ambassador

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The Brandeis campus is small and all in one place so you can walk anywhere you need in about ten minutes max. If you don’t like walking there is a campus van that will take you in a loop along the perimeter of the campus. There are several “Branvans” that take you around the city of Waltham and the main part of Waltham is in walking distance so it’s overall pretty easy to get around. There is an area of Waltham that is a bit further that is more difficult to get to but there are zip cars and bikes and cabs if you really need it. There is also a shuttle that takes students to Harvard Square and Boston Thursday through Sunday; it’s free and easy to take. There are a lot of little towns close together near Waltham so if there’s something you want to get to in one of these areas or if you want to go to a near by school, a Zipcar is not a bad investment.

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