What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Norwich University?


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Anonymous, Norwich sucks

Do not attend this school. This school is a 2nd rate institution. The facility are garbage. The corps of cadets doesn’t pt. Drinking is rampant because of boredom and indifference by staff. The corps of cadets commandants (adults that run it) have issues with frat with the students along with legal issues prior to their attending Norwich. This school is garbage and the dudes who graduate are by no means better prepared for the military. If anything I’d argue they are less prepared because they are burnt out from their time being wasted at Norwich.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2019

one reason is to learn leadership and skills to lead others. a great benefit is that the school forces you to think outside the box and to think about things most people would overlook. the school is rough and stressful but a great benefit is meeting other students that you will become life long friends with.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2018

One of the most important reasons someone should attend Norwich University is their small class sizes. Classes are never larger than twenty-five students. This gives professors the opportunity to get to know and build relationships with all of their students compared to some universities which have 135 students per lecture hall. As a result of the small class sizes students also have more opportunities to talk to their professors one on one if they need extra help and get to know their fellow classmates personally. The professors and faculty are very kind and always willing to help students. Another reason to attend Norwich University is the opportunities there are to advance not only in school, but also in the real world. Norwich University has such great networking that most students are able to find jobs and internships right after graduation. Finally, the bonds that we create here will last a lifetime. Many of us will graduate and commission into the same branch of the military and remain brothers and sisters in arms.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2018

Norwich offers the opportunity to be great as a leader in the future. Many great officers and businessmen and women have graduated from Norwich, and have created a great network for those looking to attend Norwich. It also is placed on top of a hill in an outstanding environment.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2017

Someone should attend Norwich University if they want a successful military career, alumni connections that last a lifetime, and a family of friends that will literally transcend generations.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2016

Norwich University has great education, well established institution and the instructors and professors are very helpful. According to historical data, Norwich University has a pretty good standing in Engineering Fields as a private institution.

Anonymous, Student, Norwich University, Class of 2015

The top 3 reasons to attend NU are to further your educational background, meet great people and to have fun. Some people forget about the last one but it's really the most important!!

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