What was your experience at University Of Michigan-ann Arbor?


Anonymous, Class of 2010 Alumnus

To me, Michigan was the ultimate college experience. I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

Top-tier academics, fantastic college town (with great food!), contagious school pride, proud sports tradition with hugely popular football Saturdays, great party scene, and endless opportunities to get involved with groups, organizations, and extracurriculars. Whatever your interests are, you will find people who share your interests at Michigan.

One of the things I loved the most about school was the incredible variety. For example, on a typical fall weekend I could go to a big-time college football game on Saturday, see world-class artists like Wynton Marsalis and Renee Fleming perform at night at Hill Auditorium, study with friends on a cutting edge research project, catch an indie film festival at the Michigan Theatre, and bounce around from house to house partying with friends at night. It was just a lot of variety and fun.

The campus is beautiful, and it's also very easy to get around and meet up with people. Most students live within a relatively short walking distance to classes, so it's very likely that you will run into friends and professors on a daily basis. Even though it's a big school, it was easy to find quiet and peaceful areas to study and focus.

Over the four years I was there, I had high school friends from all sorts of colleges and universities make weekend visits. They were wide eyed and impressed while visiting, and countless times I heard something along the lines of "Wow, my school doesn't have anything like this." It was a great feeling.

[For whatever it's worth, one of the greatest assets in attending a school like Michigan is the resume clout and the vast Alumni Network at your disposal. Wherever you end up after graduation, you can rest assured that there will be successful alums in your field and the perception of excellence on your resume.]

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