Does Xavier University of Louisiana have an advisor program? If so, how are those academic advisors assigned?


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Yes, Xavier University of Louisiana has an extensive advising program beginning in your first year on campus.

The Student Academic Success Office (SASO) seeks to improve freshmen retention rates and guide students during the process of choosing a major. You can read more about the programs offered on the SASO website, including a freshman specific program developed by the center. For all students, this departments offers support organized by subject area. There are different resource center instructors who specialize in math, chemistry, biology, and writing.

In addition, you will have an advisor based on the major you choose. According to the undergraduate course catalog, "Xavier requires every student to have an academic advisor, a faculty member from his/her major department assigned by the department head. The student is responsible for consulting the advisor prior to each registration." Your advisor will be a key part of your academic experience at Xavier.

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