What was your experience at The University of Texas at Austin?


Anonymous, Anonymous

Picked UT Austin out of 7 other schools that all accepted me and offered scholarships, and I couldn't be happier. My professors all care a lot about what they are teaching, and who you are - even in classes with 100+ students - and while there is definitely a lot of homework and work to do, it's interesting for the most part, and worth it. Student body has been overall very friendly and approachable, as are professors. Dorms are pretty average but not bad. Campus is beautiful, and there's a million things to do in Austin. Nightlife is very fun. There is a required core curriculum of like history, math, english etc and I think that would both me more if I hadn't taken advantage of AP credits - if I had to take all of the core classes, instead of just the few I didn't place out of, I would probably have a less interesting course schedule. My academic advisor is incredibly helpful. Financial aid is ok - this was actually the only school not to offer me any scholarships. I would just definitely recommend this school to anyone - the school spirit is incredible, the academic reputation is great, and there's a million and one things to do for fun. Come here!

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