What sort of incentives does Concordia University offer for its MBA students?


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Concordia believes in giving its students all the tools they need to succeed. In the current fast-paced, technology-driven world of business, it’s never been more important to have constant access to technology; of course, that doesn’t mean a strong background in business theory is any less important. Included in the program tuition are free textbooks as well as an iPad or laptop to help each student stay connected.

Getting an MBA from Concordia promises a great return on investment, but that up-front investment can still be overwhelming for some students. Fortunately, there’s also a $4,000 scholarship given to full-time MBA students at no additional cost. Many students are eligible for additional scholarships to save even more on their tuition.

Of course, the cost of the program and its ancillary benefits are of no value without a great education at the core. Concordia’s curriculum, developed in conjunction with Harvard Business School, offers a broad base of skills that prepare students for servant leadership, global awareness, constant innovation and project management.

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