What options are there to pursue a full time MBA at Our Lady of the Lake University?


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Our Lady of The Lake University offers its full-time MBA program in two formats, both of which are designed for adult learners with several years of professional experience. Because neither MBA program is a truly traditional program, contact hours with instructors are limited; thus, students are expected to learn and master much of the material on their own.

The on-site option proceeds in a weekend format with a structured set of learning objectives and a prescribed methodology. Students are often required to meet outside regular classroom hours to ensure that projects are progressing on time. The MBA program is also offered in a fully online format that again forces students to understand and master the material on their own time and at their own pace.

Three concentration options are available through the on-site program: Finance, Management and Healthcare Management. The latter two concentrations are also offered online, while the Finance concentration is presently only available in the weekend program.

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