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What are 10 things you wish you knew before attending Marist?


Erika Thompson, Student

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a. Be friendly to everyone - you never know who is going to be in a class with you, or who you will be working with on projects, etc. It is important to be pleasant toward everyone. b. Be careful about what you’re eating - foods in dining halls and cafes never have calorie counts or ingredients listed, so you never know how much is too much until your pants are too tight! c. Stay on top of all your work - unless you’re writing everything down in a planner, you may miss due dates or forget to hand work in on time. Writing it all down ensures you will stay organized and hand assignments in on time. d. Never stop making friends - though the people you meet the first month of school may seem like your best buds, things and people change. Never stop befriending people who have the same interests and hobbies as you! e. An easy “A” isn’t always good - I know getting good grades is important to everyone, but sometimes the classes that provide you with easy “A”s aren’t always beneficial and you generally don’t learn much. If you’re looking to learn, take classes that interest you with professors who are passionate! f. Going out isn’t necessary - college seems like all parties and bars, but that is not the only thing to do here! It’s fun to go see movies, stay in and hang out, or go out to dinner. g. Go to office hours - even if you don’t need help in a class, try and stop by your professor’s office hours. Many of them are in their offices not doing much, and they really appreciate your company! h. Maintain your health - this is very important. College is not a place where you can call in sick or miss things. It is important to get enough sleep, eat right, and stay healthy; especially being in such close proximity to other students! i. Get involved - at Marist we do housing off a system called priority points. The more involved you are, along with a good GPA and behavioral report, the better housing you can get in the future. It also helps to meet people that are like you! j. Just because you’re roommates doesn’t mean you need to be best friends - this is very important. Don’t become too attached to your roommate. This will make you never want to leave your room, which will prevent you from making friends outside of your dorm!

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