I realize it is late, but my family is searching for a non-city public school for my step-gradson who will be entering kindergarten in the fall. Is there still a chance of getting him into your school for the fall? If so, what do we need to do? Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Rita


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Unfortunately the school held their lottery on April 1st and currently have about 100 students on their waiting list for kindergarten next year. If you are interested for 1st grade, you can call the school at (585) 697-1960 or check out their website in January/February next year. The school holds parent information sessions in March of every year, and will have the dates available by January/February. They encourage parents to attend one parent session and we hold the lottery by April 1st. Alternatively, here is a list of other public elementary schools in the Rochester area. Hopefully you'll have better luck with some of them!

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