What can you tell me about the Brandeis class registration process? What are some tips you would like to share from your experiences?


Jack William, Advice

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Selena Livas, Brandeis Noodle Brand Ambassador

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Registration happens once you’re about 2/3 done with your current semester. It’s all online and it mainly takes place over three days. You can sign up for one class (4 credits) the fist day, one more the second day, and the rest on the third day. There are then several days to switch classes around, which you can do during the first three days as well; it’s just the amount of credits that matter during that time. It’s done this way because it helps things run better online. It also allows students to prioritize based on class size and availability. If there is a class that fills up fast, you should register for it on the first day. The class catalog comes out weeks in advance so you should add your desired classes to your “shopping cart” before the registration opens. During the first three days there are also appointed times for each student to register; look theses up in advance and plan them into your schedule. If there is a class you need or want that you might not get into, put it on your demand list. The demand list is just a waiting list. At the beginning of the semester registration re-opens and during this two week shopping period everyone switches his or her schedules around so being on the waitlist is important. If there is a class that is closed and you really want or need it, email the department head and or the professor. Some classes also require consent codes so find out if you need one in advance.

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