What are the requirements to get into the applied sciences program at Lawson State Community College-Birmingham Campus?


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The admissions process at Lawson State Community College varies depending upon your educational background rather than the degree you plan to pursue. To learn about the admissions process at this school, you can visit this website. Once you been admitted to Lawson State Community College, there are a variety of applied science degrees to choose from. You can read more about Lawson State Community College's applied science degree here and you can find more information about the subjects in which you can acquire an applied science degree here. This same link also describes the difference between Career Technical Programs and College Transfer Programs. If you are interested in a college transfer program, the STARS page can provide you with valuable information about how to use your time at Lawson State most effectively in pursuit of a bachelors degree. Lastly, if you are interested in attending the Honors College, you should check out the requirements for admission here. Good luck!

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