When and where are courses for the Washington State Part Time MBA held?


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Washington State’s Professional MBA program is offered across most of the university’s campuses, including the Tri-Cities campus, the Vancouver campus and online. Indeed, the online program is something of a hidden gem: According to U.S. News and World Report, it ranked #1 in the nation among online graduate business programs.

Unlike many professional MBA programs, the Washington State MBA caters to students of all experience levels more or less recently. Classes include recent college graduates, veteran managers and everyone in between, bringing a multi-generational perspective to discussion and allowing students to both instruct and learn from one another.

The Tri-Cities and Vancouver campuses offer fairly flexible start times, as applications are accepted for summer (May), fall (September) and spring (January) starts. Enrollment in the online program is even more flexible, as classes start every seven weeks. Most students who work full-time and study part-time complete the program in three years or less.

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