When was Parsons High School first founded?


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In 1882, some of the first high school classes offered in Parsons were conducted at McKinley School (now closed). The first Parsons High School building was constructed in 1893 and cost $30,000. It was located at Twenty-Sixth and Main Street. It served the city in its original capacity for a little over 30 years. When the high school/junior college building was constructed on Main Street in the late 1920s, the old high school would become West Junior High School. By the 1950s, voters agreed that a new high school should begin construction. By the late 50's, the current Parsons High School building was completed. In 2009, a major renovation project went underway for Parsons High School and was fully completed before the fall semester began. It gave Parsons High School the modern look that can be observed today.

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