What was a typical Princeton University student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Princeton University.


Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

People who attend Princeton University are high-achieving students. Academics are tough so be prepared for that and have good preparation.

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Jack William, University

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Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2017

There is no typical Princeton student. If anything, the one defining characteristic is "self-motivated." In high school, they don't do what they think will get them into a good college, or do activities/seek leadership positions exclusively to put them on their resume; they do what they want--because they enjoy it and are passionate about it. If you are passionate about something (pretty much anything serious), consider Princeton.

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

the typical Princeton Student in high school was very motivated, focused and outgoing. Students that should attend Princeton University are people that can bear well under pressure and are very critical.

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