What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Harvard University?


Anonymous, Why you should attend Harvard

I am to a harvard graduate of the class 2016. I do agree that if you do attend Harvard you must be a snobby rich kid like everyone else here. Harvard is not a school for those who's parents make less than a million a year. You will be looked down upon if your not like us here at Harvard University. If your not accepted here why would anyone go off to those other want to be Harvard schools like "Yale" ewww.

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Anonymous, Why you should attend Harvard

You should attend Harvard because you have money $$ and your a snobby rich kid. Or its because you want to go to a name brand college with no diversity on campus. If you would like to attend "Harvard" then maybe you should rethink, because if your not a millionaire like everyone else there your not good enough to be on campus. This is coming from a Harvard graduate.

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Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2018

First of all, Harvard is one of the most, if not the most, distinguished universities in the world. People from all over the world with all sorts of talents attend Harvard University which really is an culture-enriching experience. Lastly, following your life after college, students from Harvard University have so many connections with employers because of Harvard's largest alumni base.

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2019

Students should attend Harvard University if they are willing to be challenged above and beyond anything they have ever done; are extremely ambitious and ready to work very hard; and are willing to take advantage of Harvard's enormous resources.

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2016

Access to world-class professors, successful alumni around the world, and thought-provoking student peers from all walks of life.

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2018

-- Good student to faculty ratio. -- Rich in History. -- Offers good academic flexibility.

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2018

  1. You LOVE learning.
  2. You want to pursue your academic passion(s) in a place that provides incredible opportunities and support.
  3. You are ready to grow, surrounded by inspiring students and faculty.
Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2017

If they're smart enough, determined enough, and want to get a great education then they should go to Harvard university.

Nedda Gilbert, MSW, Educational Consultant, and Author

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Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. In fact in some countries, and even in some royal families, if you have not been admitted to Harvard, there is no point in going to college in the United States at all. While that is a tad extreme, it does point to the perceived value and rich pedigree of the name worldwide.

That said, you should only go to Harvard if you belong there, you believe you will thrive there, and if it offers you what you are looking for. By that I mean course of study, academic and extracurricular interests, research opportunities, student vibe and life, location, setting, etc. There are plenty of unhappy kids at Harvard because they went with prestige and not their heart. (Although there are plenty of happy students too because it's an incredible school and it was the right choice for them).

The point is, getting into Harvard does not assure one of a great experience or even success. the bottom line is that it has to be right. I know of a student who had her pick of Harvard and several other Ivies. She chose one of the lower-ranked, slightly less famous Ivies because she felt she was a better fit with the students at that school. The outcome? She had the best four years of her life and when she graduated she landed a top Wall Street job along with all those Harvard counterparts. No one thought of her resume as inferior to the Harvard grad. Employers like prestige and the Harvard name too. But once they get past the brand name thing (pretty quickly as it turns out), employers hire the best person, with the best qualifications.

I'm not eager to quote anyone from the College Board, but I believe a one-time president there said, "College is a match to be made, not a bumper sticker to put on your car." Or something like that. I happen to agree. There's no doubt Harvard gives great bumper sticker. However, the student above excelled academically and inter personally, took advantage of countless opportunities at her university, won leadership positions, made lifelong friends and scored a great job, because she adjusted quickly, and was a terrific fit for the school, If Harvard seems like that school for you, then that's the top reason to go.

That said, you should know what you're getting into. Harvard is not for the faint of heart. I once asked the former head of college guidance (for over 20 years) at an elite private boarding school what kids say when they're seniors and ready to graduate from universities ranked in the top ten or so. His answer: "Kids at these other schools moan and groan. They don't want to leave. They say they want to go another year or two. They really dread leaving," "And at Harvard?" I asked. "At Harvard," he said, "They tend to say I had a really great time, but I'm ready to go."

All the Ivies, and other prestigious schools attract fiercely brilliant, intense, standout students. Going to Harvard is like going to a school where everyone is head-of-the-class. As such, you may want to research how competitive and fierce academics are at Harvard. You may also want to research what kind of students they tend to admit. Some admissions folks look especially for evidence of balance in their students as well as for something in their application that says they want something more out of life than straight A's. My preference and thumbs-up is for colleges populated with students who are as balanced and well-rounded, as they are supremely gifted.

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2018

great people, you will learn a lot and have fun. The prestige is definitely a great factor as well that will allow you to do great things after graduation (hopefully).

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2018

One should attend "Hahvahd" if they have a sense of humor because we really do love humor, from teasing each other over our accents to commenting on daily happenings. Another reason to attend would be the great academics that the school provides with professors who genuinely care about their students learning the material rather than regurgitating it back to them. Finally, a but reason to attend, and which I intend to utilize more in my sophomore year, are the vast opportunities offered to the students to gain work and/or research experience.

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2018

The 3 top reasons someone should attend Harvard are: The person should really want to go and are not forced to go by parents and other people simply touting the great resources and networking opportunities. If you're ready to take your education to the next level then this is to place to go. There's no coasting or procrastinating when assignments are due. The professors want to hear you and not talk at you. So, if you're outspoken, this is the place to go.

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2016

If someone has a passion for pushing themselves, being inspired by those around you and the history of the institution. People who aim to be well-rounded and confident in both the arts and sciences may want to apply here but they must be aware that it is no cakewalk but it is well worth it. People that are able to aim themselves toward a higher standard and seek to be groomed, occasionally rigorously, are those who should apply.

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2016

Top three reasons someone should attend Harvard University are: 1) It's Harvard 2) It's Harvard 3) It's Harvard

Keith Carlson, Registered Nurse and Board Certified Nurse Coach

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Rather than say "should attend", I would say "could attend". There are many schools other than Harvard that offer excellent educational experiences, but we can also agree that Harvard holds a certain prestige in certain areas of employment and professional pursuit.

Here are some responses from a non-Harvard graduate:

1) The aforementioned prestige of a Harvard degree is difficult to measure, but it certainly holds great weight in many professional endeavors.

2) Harvard is known to offer studies with some of the best professors in the world.

3) The Harvard library system is said to me an outstanding resource.

4) Depending on your professional goals, the people you will meet at a school like Harvard (both professors and students) will serve you well in your career. Harvard students obviously have a golden opportunity to create very powerful professional networks during the course of their school career.

5) Going to school in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts puts Harvard students in the position to have access to an amazing array of professionals, educators, and colleagues throughout Boston, a mecca for education, the humanities, science, and the arts,

Anonymous, Student, Harvard University, Class of 2019

Someone should attend Harvard to learn about the world, network with future leaders around them, and prepare themselves for a life of impact.

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