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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Piedmont College?


Anonymous, Student, Piedmont College, Class of 2019

Piedmont is a great college for anyone who is undecided in what they want to major in. They allow you to take whatever classes you would like to take to help you make up your mind. All anybody in this faculty wants for the students is to see them, not only do well, but excel in their classes. Professors will do anything to help you achieve that as long as you're willing to ask them for help and you show that you want to exceed. Also, the campus is absolutely beautiful. Even though Demorest is a small town with all the new Things they added on campus there is so much to do!

Anonymous, Student, Piedmont College, Class of 2017

The tuition at Piedmont is very manageable. I would not be in an actual college if it weren't for the amazing scholarship and financial aid opportunities here. Piedmont is a private scholarship which opens doors to a few more financial aid packages. You are guaranteed an education. The education committee wants to see you do really well and they make it to where you get the education you need. You will never lack a social life, but you have to try to have one. Classes are a lot of work, even at a small school, but there are many activities going on around campus that anyone can be apart of.

Anonymous, Student, Piedmont College, Class of 2018

Piedmont College is a liberal arts college, which means you are required to take an array of courses that one might not be required to take at a larger university. This is beneficial to students, because it allows one to strengthen more skills and make them a more well rounded person. Piedmont also has wonderful academics and professors that are very approachable. The students are all very friendly, and connect well.

Anonymous, Student, Piedmont College, Class of 2018

The top reasons that someone should attend Piedmont College are the academic offerings, the environment on-campus, and the helpful and friendly staff. Piedmont offers a variety of majors in the arts and sciences, business, education, and nursing fields. There are less than 3000 students total between the Athens and Demorest campuses so the environment is friendly and fun. You can easily move around between resident halls and classes without the big crowds. And if you ever need help, the oh-so-friendly administration and staff are always available to help.

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