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What was your experience at Drexel University?


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If getting in direct touch with alumni and current students proves difficult there are several useful student review sites that provide information broken down into specific topics such as academics, athletics, campus life, etc. as well as personal experiences and stories that one can make use of to gather more intimate information about a school. Here I have listed some of the most useful reviews from different sites with links where you can read further and gather more specific information. I hope this is helpful!

"By far, the experience and the opportunities present in Drexel are one of the most cherished ones. Drexel consists of STAR Research that selects about 200 students for research oriented study throughout summer, ExCiTe center which collaborates research with arts and the STEM field, organisations such as ASME, AIAA and learning communities such as Energy Learning community and ExCiTe Learning community within the engineering department." Read more here.

"At first I didn't like it because I had a hard time making friends but once I did I really started enjoying it! Most people in the area know its a good school and know it is one of the few schools in the country with a co-op program. I also really like the co-op program because it allows me to get experience and connections that other students might not get going to a non co-op school." Read more here.

"I am currently a freshman in the Photography department at Drexel. I just love it. I am already taking classes in my major, which is unlike most other schools. Usually you have to take gen-ed classes before you even get to see the classes you really want. But everything I'm doing here I know for sure is preparing me in the best way for my future. Plus the Drexel has the co-op program unlike any other school and I cannot wait until I get to do mine because I think that will really give me a jump start in the real world and I trust it will actually bring me to my dream career! I feel like this place is really going to make everything I've wanted in the future a reality." Read more here.

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