Did your degree from NYU prove helpful when you started looking for jobs? Or did you feel unprepared for the working world?


Anonymous, Nostalgic Recent NYU Alum

It depends on what degree you receive and what kind of jobs you are looking for or end up with. However, in general I would have to say my NYU degree did prove helpful. No matter what degree you decide to pursue, NYU does a great job of teaching its students general skills such as writing, researching, and critical thinking. I think these are skills that any job would require. At NYU you will also most likely be assigned many group projects, I think this helped me when working on a team in the working world. NYU's course load is pretty substantial as well, and I think you will learn how to prioritize tasks and juggle different projects at once-which is pretty important when you find a job. Although I think NYU does a great job of teaching you skills in the classroom, there is something to be said about hands-on experiences. Try to get internships and work if you can. Find out what you like and what you don't like, and when you do apply for full-time jobs--that experience you gain from internships and jobs is invaluable and something NYU can't ultimately supply you with in the classroom. NYU has a great career service center-Wasserman Center for Career Development- so take advantage of it! Use their online portal to search for jobs or internships, or see them in person at 133 East 13th Street, 2nd Floor, inside of Palladium Residence Hall. They can help you with the job or internship search and help you with your resume. All in all, if you take the initiative and get some hands-on experience, and couple it with your shiny NYU degree, I'm sure you will be prepared and qualified for any job you might choose!

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