What sort of timeline is involved while pursuing an MBA full time at the University of Kansas?


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The 50-credit MBA program at the University of Kansas School of Business is designed to be completed in three semesters, totaling 16 months from start to finish. An optional fourth semester allows students to add a specific focus to their business education.

During the first and second semesters, students experience a broad range of coursework in all of the major business disciplines, such as accounting, marketing, management and operations. The program also includes economics, statistics and a course devoted to international business, giving students the foundation they’ll need to build for future success in senior management roles.

During the summer term, full-time students have the opportunity for continuous learning through the University’s internship program. In a full immersion clinical experience, students learn to translate classroom instruction into practical business solutions and develop interpersonal and educational skills. Another key benefit of the internship is the opportunity to witness a broad range of client management styles in real-world settings.

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