What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Wheeling Jesuit University?


Anonymous, Student, Wheeling Jesuit University, Class of 2017

  1. The academics are incredible. Professors are great.
  2. It's close to Pittsburgh, so that's fun.
  3. The people are amazing. That's a pretty good reason.
Anonymous, Student, Wheeling Jesuit University, Class of 2018

When ever I talk to someone who is thinking about coming to Wheeling Jesuit I tell them the reasons I fell in love with the school 1. Small school atmosphere. When is comes to small school you get to know almost everyone. You get to know all the different personalities and they start to in a way become your family. 2. Beautiful Campus. I love the feeling of driving into a campus and you know its a campus you can just follow the road and you see all the academic buildings and the dorms and the athletic field. Being in West Virginia you see the hills and you see nature in its finest. In the fall Deer are all over campus walking around, its nice to see. 3. NOT ALOT OF WALKING. When I talk to my friends who go to OSU or WVU they spend close to 30 minutes walking from class to class. At the Jez it's about a 5 minute or less walk to EVERYTHING. I can wake up 5 minutes before my class starts and still make it in time with a minute to spare. To me that is so great, I hate spending time walking to get to somewhere.

Anonymous, Student, Wheeling Jesuit University, Class of 2018

The university is a tight knit community due to its smaller size. There is beautiful scenery in Wheeling. Wheeling is located near to Pittsburgh for those who crave a bigger city.

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