What is a typical Carman - Ainsworth High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Carman - Ainsworth High School.


Anonymous, Student, Carman - Ainsworth High School, Class of 2016

Through out ones life we meet tons of people; people who are not as similar as yourself. This can be as struggle for some. But for me personally –a person who is raised in such a diverse community growing up- thrives in such an area. Living in Flint, Michigan, I have done many activities, which allowed me to work with others such as wrestling, Student Council, Multi-culture group, and (my favorite) football. Playing football since 7th grade has changed me greatly. 
Being able to play football was one of the greatest things I could have during my middle school and high school years. During my school years I was not the most social of people; it was hard for me to talk to others. Playing football allowed me to meet, work, and become friends with many other people who I would not have met otherwise: people expanding from other African-Americans to Caucasians to Pakistanis to people of Christianity to Judaism to Islamic to Atheism belief. Many of the people who are not as similar to myself that I met from playing football has become one of my closest friends having to work with them on a nearly day-to-day bases.  
Life so far working with others isn’t always the easiest. Even so, it has been one of the most helpful things to do for me. I have been able to find many different ways of completing task with those being difficult or lazy or even people who dislike working with other. It led to find many ethical and unethical ways to strive for completion.  
Along side with finding different ways to get things done, it also allowed me to find interest cultural different than our own. Now, I have found many interest in many other cultures in ones such as the Middle-Eastern’s and Kenya’s. Due to such interests I am now learning how to speak other languages (not fluently yet). With such things known and interest in many other cultural, I plan to travel around the world with my career working in different places. So my interest in different styles could bring along with me a chance to travel the world with being known under the college. The study abroad program will help me get to know others, and broaden my connections.
Anonymous, Student, Carman - Ainsworth High School, Class of 2015

Typical Carman-Ainsworth student's are very diverse. They have their own beliefs and principles on how things should be ran in the school and outside of school, they come to learn and get the job done, and they are also very expressive through wardrobe, ideas, and morals. The type of person who should attend Carman-Ainsworth high school should be a person with individuality and perseverance. The students of Carman-Ainsworth High School in my opinion come to excel and make something of themselves in different ways and in order to do that you need both of these qualities.

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