What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Reinhardt University?


Anonymous, Student, Reinhardt University, Class of 2017

It is a very nice and peaceful campus. The landscape here is flabbergasting as it is a green campus. It has various quiet spots where you can lay on the grass and study peacefully or just install your hammock and take a nap. The students and faculty members are very warm and welcoming.

Anonymous, Student, Reinhardt University, Class of 2015

  1. Sports, as said before Reinhardt University, is a college primarily made up of sports teams
  2. Reinhardt has an outstanding music department. The college also gets many music majors because of it.
  3. The Beauty, What I mean by that is. The college is the right size for someone who wants have a good college experience, but may not want to be overwhelmed. Its like having a nice fun size candy bar, its not too much but just the right amount of taste to satisfy you.
Anonymous, Student, Reinhardt University, Class of 2018

The class sizes are very small, giving students a chance to be closer to other classmates and the professors. The campus is very beautiful and there are plenty of places to explore. And even though most students don't throw parties, there is a student faculty that does small events here and there to keep us entertained. I love going to Reinhardt.

Anonymous, Student, Reinhardt University, Class of 2018

The first reason is the music program is one of the best in the south. Another reason is there are small class sizes so you can actually connect with classmates and professors. The third reason is there are activities for anyone no matter their interests.

Anonymous, Student, Reinhardt University, Class of 2017

Reinhardt University pushes you and gives you the tools you need to build your future! People that go out in the work force after graduating from Reinhardt are very successful. Second, Reinhardt treats students very well and gives you all the resources you need to succeed academically and socially. Third, you are able to get into almost any class with the right prerequisites! If you really need to take a certain class, they will make sure you get into it if you work hard.

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