Would you recommend attending Opelousas Senior High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Opelousas Senior High School, Class of 2016

In my opinion, I would honestly never choose another high school in the entire state of Louisiana. First, I am the third and final child in my family to attend OHS; my two older siblings both graduated from OHS. The legacy of greatness was passed on to me. Additionally, OHS has the greatest academics with the most caring teachers I have ever encountered. Many times, I have shared my deepest concerns to my teachers, whether they were family problems, friendship quarrels, or the ever-constant mental breakdown that would occur if my GPA ever dropped. My teachers never turned their backs on me, personally or academically. Here at OHS, I feel as though I am at home in a small community, rather than isolated in a massive wave of students. The classes have challenged me tremendously, which I adore. An easy class bores me and forces my head to explode with fireworks of nothingness. Although I am forever on the brink of insanity, the workload keeps me busy and satisfied. The extracurriculars are endless. OHS has various sports and clubs along with a dance team. I have been captain of the dance team for two years, and my passion for dancing has flourished. OHS has a niche for all types of students: FFA for the agricultural type, Theatre for the drama queens, Book Club for the avid reader, and sports for the active type. OHS also features the Biomedical Academy, which supports and prepares young scholars for careers in the medical field. OHS cannot be beat academically. OHS provides students with opportunities that most high schools do not offer. Students work closely with highly trained professionals at trade school and bring the knowledge back to class to better the school. For example, the welding and carpentry students construct intricate metal and wood valentine's gifts to sell at school during the holiday. In addition, OHS sends some of its most prestigious students to Louisiana Girls State and Boys State, which are amazing leadership conferences. OHS ranks above all others in its ability to provide for its students. Moreover, OHS creates an environment of diversity and nurtures students to overcome adversity. While the majority of the population is African American, OHS receives many foreign exchange students from Thailand, Germany, China, and South Korea. Many worldly cultures and religions are encouraged to shine at OHS. Cultures integrate at OHS; the school is an ethnic gumbo pot filled with flavor from across the globe. OHS teaches its students how to interact with people in the real world. In the real world, life is not always hugs and giggles; adverse situations arise, and OHS guides students through their troubles. Other schools in the area do not measure up. Although OHS receives terrible media attention because of fights or drugs, most other schools in the vicinity are just as bad, or dare I say, worse. The media takes advantage of Opelousas High, but does not report the drugs at the local Catholic school or the bomb threats at the school in the boondocks. No other school is as unique as Opelousas High school is, from the faculty to the students. OHS is my perfect fit. I would highly recommend any Opelousas High School to any student.

Anonymous, Student, Opelousas Senior High School, Class of 2017

If i had the choice to recommend Opelousas Senior High School, I would. They work you, but its only for the best. It's to prepare you for college. Therefore, when you get into college you will feel as if you been there already.

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