Asked about: Clark College

Describe the type of student who should attend Clark College. Why?



Any student seeking to earn an education without going into student debt should attend Clark College. It is more affordable than a university, and has great transfer programs. Transferring would allow you to "save up" what would've been spent at the university for the first two years, and apply it later.

Anonymous, Student, Clark College, Class of 2016

All kinds of students should attend Clark College. But most of all veterans should attend Clark College. It is a very veteran friendly college and has many resources available to veterans.

Anonymous, Student, Clark College, Class of 2018

The great thing about Clark College is it's diverse enough that many different types of people could go there. Saying that, I think the ideal student would be someone who has not yet decided what they want to do and is going there to get the main classes done for a lower price than they could at a university. There are also the nursing students, like me, and also running start students from high schools which can't go to university yet.

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