Do you know of any place that accepts two-year-olds but is like a school and not a daycare?


Anonymous, Child Care Director

Carepointe Academy has a preschool program built into each child's day. They are open from 6am-6pm like a child care, but they have focus preschool time for all ages from 830-415 each day.

Charlotte Dungan, Harvard Graduate Student, Pk-12 Educator, Parent, Lifelong Learner

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What are your goals with seeking a school-like experience for a two year old? Are you focusing on academic development? Most children at this age are developmentally ready to tackle potty training, begin to learn to share and control their aggressive tendencies, build their vocabularies, and develop a concrete understanding of the world, primarily through play. The vast majority of two year old children still need to nap, so a full-day school program should also include a lengthy afternoon rest time. A high quality program for this age would include story time, developmentally appropriate art activities such as paint and crayons, a chance to play outside with large-motor movements, and possibly some time with music. Basic literacy and numeracy, as well as identifying colors and shapes, can be introduced through play-based hands-on activities. Pretend play should be encouraged. Many children at this age still engage in "parallel play" rather than directly interacting with their peers as pre-school age children would, so allowances for this in the space would be beneficial. In short, a high quality daycare situation is probably already providing these things! Montessori education may be a great place to start if you are wanting to have some specific academic focus. Best of luck finding an educational scenario that fits the needs of your family.

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