Would you recommend attending Howard High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Howard High School, Class of 2016

There is no school that I would ever recommend going to more than Howard High. Aside from the excellent faculty and staff, abundance of clubs and extracurricular activities, and a clean and safe learning environment, the Howard High student body feels like a family. No matter what time of year it is, you can feel the school spirit as well as the sense of camaraderie between students.

Anonymous, Student, Howard High School, Class of 2016

I would definitely recommend attending Howard High School. Located in one of the best counties in the nation for education, Howard High is well off. The school has many resources including a library with many computers, a tv lab, and portable computer labs. The building itself is very large with three gymnasiums, many sport fields (including a turf field), and countless classrooms. Howard High has the largest student population in the county and has very high diversity among students. With hundreds of clubs and organizations, there is no reason for a student to not be involved in at least one activity. If you're good at sports, Howard is the place for you. With many teams reaching state-level championships yearly (track, soccer, lacrosse, and more), Howard is the perfect place for serious athletes. The high-population allows teams to compete in the 4A division and since so many students tryout for sports, the teams are ultimately better. The staff at Howard is great also. It's obvious that the staff are happy people who truly enjoy their jobs. Another benefit of attending Howard High is the fact that the school is located in one of the best counties in the nation. Being in Howard County has its perks. For example, students have the opportunity to travel to a centrally located building and enroll in a career academy, classes that are oriented toward specific career interests and are taught by experts in that career. The career academies are wonderful opportunities that allow students to try out a career to see if they like it before they actually pursue it. Howard High was even recently rated number one high school in the county. Howard High is an amazing high school and I completely recommend it to any prospective students.

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