Describe the type of student who should attend University of New Hampshire-Main Campus. Why?



Students who should attend the University of New Hampshire are open minded students. They should be interested in making our society better. Diversity is slowly making its way to UNH so it would be great to see more diverse and multicultural people.


Students who don't mind the seasonal changes and the cold. Students who want a beautiful campus, who care about sustainability, and being given numerous opportunities by faculty members.


The type of student who should attend University of New Hampshire is one who likes to get involved. There are countless things to do on this campus from individual to group activities. The University of New Hampshire campus offers a beautiful exercise facility with daily classes such as yoga and guided meditation. Our campus also has hundreds of free clubs to join ranging from the outdoors club (where you can go on weekend hiking/camping trips) to The Granite yearbook club (I'm a little bias to this one since I'm a photographer in it!) as well as many intramural and club athletic teams. This campus strives to include ALL and encourages students to participate in wildcat pride and tradition as much as they can.

Anonymous, Student, University of New Hampshire-Main Campus, Class of 2019

The University of New Hampshire is home to a vast variety of people. Our community is made up of many people, from star athletes to talented musicians. Any type of student should attend UNH, as long as they have education and community in mind! There are so many other people our age and so many things to do! It would be a waste of time to not participate in clubs and events! The type of student that attends UNH takes academics seriously, gains a lot personally from getting involved in the community, and contributes to the community by making others' experiences just as great and helping others get the same personal gains! I know from semester one I have been improving myself and enjoying the UNH life, and I plan on devoting the rest of my time there to helping others do the same, hence my application to become a Residential Assistant next year!

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