Describe the type of student who should not attend Northside High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Northside High School, Class of 2016

A student that we don't want at Northside is someone who is rebellious and does not put effort in their school work. We want students at Northside to graduate and achieve goals and become someone in life. Northside does not have a bad reputation and we surely do not want that to begin with students that we do not want to have at this school. Northside has a lot of amazing students and they give it there at when it comes to school work. We want students who want to learn and participate not students who dont even show up to class. Students who are not ready for class and don't bring there matierial with them are students we don't want at Northside or should attend here because we have expectations. This student should not attend Northside if they just want to sleep in class and not be in the group participating and being involved. Northside is diverse and we respect each other's cultures, and religious beliefs. Someone who would most likely not do that should not come to Northside. We have respect for each other and we do not need someone to come and mess that up and change this to turn into a bad thing. Compared to others school where students are just left out and don't involve anyone to be part of the "clique" this school is not like that. We do not sperate one another from their race or the people they like to hang out with. If this type of student does not agree with Northside rules or policies then this type of student should not attend Northside. Northside is a wonderful with amazing students, once again we want students who are hard working and have grit , this is why a student who does not agree with this should not attend.

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